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Although many come to Whitehead Chiropractic for back pain, we also provide knee, leg and hip pain treatment in Austin TX. Our chiropractor Dr. Wendee Whitehead uses advanced approaches to whole-body health and wellness with services that range from adjustments to physical therapy. The first step is always an exam and evaluation so we can determine the cause of the pain followed by a treatment plan tailored to individual needs that provides the most effective way to correct it.

Knee, Hip and Leg Pain: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

chiropractor in austin texas with hip and leg pain

Knee pain often comes with stiffness, swelling, redness, or crunching and popping sounds. A painful knee can be weak, unstable or even lock in place and lose its ability to fully straighten. It is sometimes warm to the touch. Pain in the knee can result from a ruptured ligament, torn cartilage or other injury or can stem from a medical condition, such as gout, arthritis or infections.

Physical therapy in Austin TX is one of the treatment plans Dr. Whitehead can provide for painful knee conditions, with a series of exercises designed to improve balance and strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee area. We can also suggest home care and bracing options, which can help alleviate pain, promote healing and keep undue pressure off the knee joint.

Hip pain can be intense and accompanied by swelling or the appearance of being deformed. It can often result in the inability to put any weight on the leg beneath the hip or an inability to move the hip or leg altogether. The exact location and nature of the pain will help Dr. Whitehead diagnose the cause, which can include problems with the ligaments, tendons, muscles and tissues around the hip joint or issues with the actual joint. Injuries and diseases can also lead to pain in the hip as can a pinched nerve in another area of the body.

Pinched nerves can result in pain in the hip and in the leg. Dr. Whitehead uses advanced adjustment approaches to realign the spine and take the pressure off the affected nerve. Our approaches include adjustment on a special table by using Thompson Terminal Point, heat-sensitive instruments by using Gonstead and mathematically calculated adjustments with Grostic Orthospinology. We also employ Activator Methods using small, handheld instruments.

Other leg pain treatment in Austin TX depends on the exact cause, which can include fibromyalgia, blood clots, overuse, injury or wear and tear. Pain in the leg comes in many forms, ranging from a sharp stabbing to a dull aching or tingling sensation. It can come and go or remain a low-level annoyance. It can also develop suddenly and hinder the ability to walk. The pain can affect the entire leg or can be contained to a specific area. Regardless of the exact nature of the pain, our chiropractor's goal is to alleviate the agony and correct the underlying cause.

If you are suffering from knee, hip or leg pain in Austin, please call (512) 451-0115 or visit us at 5775 Airport Blvd #300 Austin TX 78752.


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