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  • What is ART Therapy?
    What is ART Therapy in Austin, TX?When you are in an accident, suffer a sports or occupational injury, or just find yourself hurting due to the natural wear and tear Read more
  • Blogging to Educate Our Patients
    Our Austin Chiropractic Clinic's New BlogWelcome to our introductory blog entry! Our Austin chiropractic care clinic is pleased to offer advanced care from our chiropractor, Dr. Wendee Whitehead. Dr. Whitehead Read more
  • What is this Foot Pain?
    Plantar Fasciitis Treatments and CausesAlthough plantar fasciitis may in rare cases occur from a single injury to the foot, the condition is typically the result an ongoing activity. We here Read more
  • Chiropractic Treatment Helps Hypertension
    Chiropractic Treatment Helps Hypertension in AustinWhitehead Chiropractic provides chiropractic care for hypertension to patients in Austin, TX. If you are at risk for hypertension or high blood pressure, and you Read more
  • Choosing a Chiropractor
    Choosing a Chiropractor in Austin, TXChiropractors provide natural, holistic healing to patients young and old. Chiropractors also eliminate subluxations and back pain, and improve communication between your brain and the Read more
  • What is Upper Cervical Care?
    Upper Cervical Problems Cause More than Neck PainSpinal problems relating to your upper cervical spine can be a real pain in the neck-literally. While the word "spine" may conjure up Read more
  • Chronic Pain Chiropractor FAQ's
    Chronic Pain Chiropractor FAQ's in AustinWhat Is Chronic Pain?Chronic pain is different than ordinary pain. In ordinary pain, such as from an illness or injury, pain ceases when healing is Read more

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