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Why You Should Frequently Visit Our Chiropractor in Austin, TX

When chronic pain prevents you from going about your regular activities, it’s important to find a way to treat it. Medications and other types of conventional treatments are not always effective enough to provide long-term relief. Other types of treatment, such as surgery, are invasive and come with the risk of bleeding, infections and other complications. When you come to our chiropractor in Austin, TX for treatment, you can expect safe, effective relief from chronic pain.

Effective Care for Chronic Pain in Austin

Seeing our chiropractor for chronic pain means that you can enjoy relief with no risks of adverse reactions, infections or other serious complications. Dr. Wendee Whitehead, our chiropractor, does spinal adjustments that effectively relieve pain by straightening out your spine and ensuring that it is in its proper alignment. When your spinal discs are lined up correctly, this eases pain by relieving pressure on nerves in the area. Spinal adjustments also help your body heal naturally, so you do not have to depend on medications for treatment. These adjustments can also lower your risk of having pain get worse, come back or occur on a persistent basis.

Early Detection of Spinal Problems

Coming in for chiropractic care also gives our chiropractor a chance to check for early signs of spinal problems that can occur. For example, you might be at risk of developing spinal damage due to overuse or from wear and tear that happens over many years. Our chiropractor can detect these potential problems and lower your risk of developing serious damage by using chiropractic techniques and corrective exercises to strengthen your joints. Our postural screenings offer another way to check for spinal problems that should be treated to prevent more severe damage.

Other Types of Care from Our Austin Chiropractor

Our Austin chiropractor does more than offer spinal adjustments to ease pain. You can also learn corrective exercises to add strength to your muscles and joints. Other types of care include nutritional counseling to help you eat healthier and lose excess weight that strains your back or other joints. You can also receive lifestyle advice about healthy changes to make to your daily routine for pain management.

Visit Us for Chiropractic Care in Austin

If you have been injured or if you deal with chronic pain, contact Whitehead Chiropractic to set up an appointment with our chiropractor in TX. Austin chiropractor Dr. Whitehead offers safe and dependable chiropractic care that can provide you with pain relief on an ongoing basis.


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