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How Can A Chiropractor Help My Sports Injury?

How Can A Chiropractor Help My Sports Injury? From Your Chiropractor in Austin

Whitehead Chiropractic in Austin, TX offers a drug-free and non-surgical option to help the body heal itself of sports injuries. Chiropractic care is designed to give another option instead of, or alongside traditional medicine. Soft tissue injuries are notorious for being difficult to heal, taking even longer than bone fractures. Chiropractic care can help speed that process and even improve the end result.

Chiropractic Care to Treat Sports Injuries

Chiropractic involves the care of the whole body through the alignment of the musculoskeletal system. Muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, bursae, and cartilage, wound around with nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatic systems work very much like a mechanical system. When part of the system is out of balance, that is, if things are out of place, out of alignment, the system loses its efficiency. So when something is damaged, stretched, torn, or dislocated, not only does the body lose power and range of motion, but inflammation sets in and blood and lymphatic flow is compromised.

A chiropractic adjustment places all of the structures back where they need to be, allowing the appropriate lengths and positioning so that healing can occur in the right way, and restoring the best possible blood and fluid flows for pain and inflammation reduction.

The 4 Steps to Our Chiropractor Care

A chiropractic appointment really involves four major steps. First, an interview of medical history, details about the injury, and followed by various methods of reducing muscle tension chosen specifically for patient needs. Relaxing the surrounding muscle helps give our chiropractor slack in order to make the adjustment easier to perform, and make it easier on the body. Our chiropractor then does the adjustment, targeting just the joints in question, to correct the misalignment. This involves manually applying a controlled force to the areas in question and using positioning of the patient to isolate the areas in need.

Finally, exercise regimes to strengthen the appropriate muscle groups and to help restore range of motion and good blood flow are recommended to help reinforce the adjustment and encourage healing. This is helpful in tightening joints back up to where they should be in the case of dislocations, and to help restore opposing muscle groups after injury. Nutrition counseling and lifestyle or ergonomic suggestions appropriate to the sports injury may also be offered.

Treat Your Sports Injury with Your Local Chiropractor in Austin

Our experienced chiropractors and friendly staff are happy to answer questions regarding chiropractic care and sports injuries. Contact us to make an appointment at (512) 270-3702.

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