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Wrist Pain and Tingling?

Carpal Tunnel Treatments Come to the Rescue

Typing 80 words per minute may look great on your resume, but doing it constantly day after day can lead to pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, and burning in the wrist area. This increasingly common condition is called carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS. Typing is just one of the many repetitive motions that can lead to the condition, and Whitehead Chiropractic has a number of treatments to correct it. Our Austin chiropractor Dr. Wendee Whitehead uses natural, methods to treat CTS, all of which offer viable alternatives to surgery. The exact method of treatment depends on the nature and cause of your carpal tunnel condition

Chiropractic Treatments Provide CTS Relief

The underlying cause of CTS is pressure on nerves connected to the hands. The pressure can be directly on the median nerve that runs to the wrist, which is often the case with repetitive hand movements. The constant hand motions of surfing the web, driving a truck, hammering nails, pushing or chopping materials are all possible scenarios. The pressure can also be exerted on nerves higher than the wrist, specifically those in the spinal area. A spinal misalignment can be behind CTS symptoms. Misalignments may be caused by poor posture, a poorly designed work station or neck injuries. An evaluation and examination can pinpoint the origin of CTS, making it possible for Dr. Whitehead to effectively treat it.

Treatments for CTS alleviate pressure on the affected nerves, with adjustments to the affected areas. Spinal adjustments to the neck area can alleviate pressure on the spinal nerves while wrist manipulations can be effective to relieve symptoms caused by a compressed median nerve. Our treatments may also include splinting the wrists to stabilize them during healing and physical therapy that stretches and strengthens the affected area. The first step toward relief from CTS starts with a visit to our Austin chiropractic clinic.

Have you suffered from CTS? What treatments worked for you?

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