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Dr. Whitehead invites you for National Chiropractic Health Month

Why Everyone Should Observe National Chiropractic Health Month

Dr. Wendee Whitehead, our Austin TX chiropractor here at Whitehead Chiropractic, wants everyone to know that the American Chiropractic Association has designated October National Chiropractic Health Month. Let us examine how chiropractic awareness can improve your life and the lives of those you care about.

The Natural Alternative to Painkillers

Perhaps it's only right to choose October as National Chiropractic Health Month. October, after all, is associated with Halloween, and the presence of all those paper skeleton decorations makes a great reminder to consider our spinal and skeletal health! More seriously, Halloween is the holiday for scary stories and images -- and one of the most frightening problems facing modern society is the epidemic of painkiller abuse and addiction.

Prescription medications such as opioid painkillers have caused addiction in as many as one in four non-cancer cases as administered in primary care environments. Chiropractic care may provide the pain relief you or your loved ones need without the risk of drug dependency. In fact, by correcting cause of the pain instead of simply reducing the pain symptoms temporarily, chiropractic care can prove more effective in the long term than pain medication. If you know someone who is suffering from acute or chronic pain, you owe it to them to make them aware of this safe, drug-free option.

Avoiding Surgery Thanks to Chiropractic Care

Surgery is another frightening prospect for many people who have suffered major injuries or chronic pain problems such as degenerative disc disease. While there are surgeries that can address these issues, such procedures can present issues of their own, from the sheer expense of a major procedure to lengthy convalescence, the possibility that the condition may remain unchanged or even get worse, and of course the added risk of painkilling medications.

Chiropractic care can give you a much happier and healthier October by helping you steer clear of the surgeons' scalpel. For instance, chiropractic adjustments and non-surgical spinal decompression therapy to treat herniated or bulging discs could prevent the need for surgery to remove parts of the disc or immobilize the surrounding vertebrae. One study found that only 1.5 percent of back injury patients who saw a chiropractor eventually needed surgery, as opposed to 42.7 percent who skipped chiropractic care in favor of surgical consultation.

Make This Your Healthiest October Yet

As you prepare to close out the year, why not mark this October as the month you and your family scaled new heights of health and wellness. Don't just be aware of the value and benefits of chiropractic care this October -- experience them first-hand by calling 512-451-0115 and scheduling an appointment with our Austin TX chiropractor. We can help you make this month (and every month) your own personal Chiropractic Health Month!

Is there a particular physical ailment or nagging pain that you would love to eliminate from your life before the holiday season? What is it?

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