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The Important of Diaphragm Breathing By Our Austin Chiropractor

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The Important of Diaphragm Breathing in Restoring Whole Body Balance

Proper breathing causes the diaphragm to descend and allow maximum expansion of the lungs. Shallow breathing or breathing from the sternum or upper chest can cause forward head posture. For every inch our head goes forward this is equivalent to an extra 30lbs of weight. 

This can result in headaches, neck painshoulder pain and midback pain and jaw pain.

As a result of improper breathing the muscles of the neck elevate the rib cage so you can get enough air. These are our accessory breathing muscle. As a result of overuse they become fatigued and tight which causes headaches and neck pain. 

It is not just our neck that is affected by improper breathing. Studies show this also weakens our own natural weight support belt the transverse abdomininus muscles. This muscle is important in protecting us from injury and adding valuable spinal support. 

BIG IDEA - Without 100 % innate power flowing from the brain to the diaphragm, it can’t work properly. That’s right. All the breathing exercises, crunches and proper posture won’t put humpty dumpty back again without a powered up nervous system. Think of your nervous system as a light switch where the intensity can be turned up really high and the room is bright or really low and the room is dim. Well, that’s what the upper bone in your neck is. It is the control of the brightness of your nervous system. If the volume is down, you may suffer from fatigue, irritability, joint aches and pain, sleep disorders, just to name a few. 

The truth is: Every single cell of your body depends on your nervous system; deprivation of nerve function is like choking off a branch on a rose plant. You would expect it to wither, turn brown and go thru an accelerated aging and that what happens to us when our organs and cells get choked off from 100% nerve function. Not only do we need 100 percent properly functioning nervous system, where 100 percent of the signals are communicating with 100 percent of your tissues and cells. 

We also need muscular and ligamentous support of our spinal joints which holds our adjustment and keeps our spine from slipping out of alignment and getting injured from everyday movements. Let’s face it. The person who has greater youth, strength, flexibility and balance will hold their adjustment and heal faster than the deconditioned, weaker, older, stiffer person. However, here’s a secret: The power that made your body heals your body. As long as you have breath and a pulse you have innate healing. Everyone has a different rate of healing, everyone can heal. God does not create junk.

For more information on the important of diaphragm breathing in restoring balance, call our Austin chiropractor today at 512-451-0115. 


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