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What Should I Do Following a Car Accident?

What Should I do Following an Accident? 

Print this up and Save it in your Glove Compartment. If you’re in an accident refer to this guide immediately. 

What Should I do following an accident? 

Many car accidents leave you feeling shocked and disoriented. Call 911 immediately if you are seriously injured. Remember to move out of the way of busy traffic. You may not have pain immediately however symptoms may occur hours or days later. Left untreated these injuries can lead to painful back, neck and spinal degenerative conditions in the future. Pain immediately indicates a more serious injury due to extensive ripping and tearing of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Over the next 72 hours your injuries will continue to bleed and swell. This is part of the reason many people have delayed onset pain. Early detection and treatment is key to reduce future pain and disability. 

What is the Golden Hour and why is it so important? 

Early treatment can reduce the pain and severity of injuries by up to 60 percent. Delayed treatment usually results in more swelling creating more scar tissue which is responsible for chronic pain. Studies show  that 30-40 percent of people involved in accidents still suffer with chronic pain when left untreated. Treatment within the first hour can reduce swelling and pain significantly. 

What can I do to reduce the pain and reduce my healing time? 

After an auto accident it is extremely important to get evaluated by a qualified car accident medical professional  specializing in musculoskeletal injuries. We want to be sure you have not sustained any hidden injuries. That’s why we encourage you to call and schedule your priority consultation and exam. Call our office and start reducing your pain immediately with our “Total Care package” This includes a complimentary exam, x-rays (if needed) to determine if you have experienced an injury and an ice pack so you can start reducing your swelling. Dr. Whitehead is highly trained in treating soft tissue injuries and has helped over 20,000 people find relief from their pain and suffering since 1991. Call 512-270-3702 for your appointment! 

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