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What is this Foot Pain?

Plantar Fasciitis Treatments and Causes

Although plantar fasciitis may in rare cases occur from a single injury to the foot, the condition is typically the result an ongoing activity. We here at Whitehead Chiropractic have seen several different causes of the painful condition, which our Austin chiropractor Dr. Wendee Whitehead can treat with a plan tailored to your specific needs. Treatment for the condition usually involves gentle stretching exercises as part of a physical therapy program. It can also include wrapping the foot for support and additional support from orthotics.

Causes of Injury to Plantar Fascia Include Repetitive Motions

The condition results from an injury to the plantar fascia, which is the thick band of muscle that connects the heel to the toes. Injuries to the band can come in the form of small tears, strain or stress to the muscle and result in stabbing foot pain, swelling, irritation and redness. Any repeated motion of the foot, such as running or other athletic activity, can cause the injury, as can standing for long periods. The risk of injury is increased even further during both activities when you are standing or running on uneven or extremely hard surfaces.

The biomechanics of your foot can also play a part in the condition. Walking gaits in which feet roll inward, also known pronation, can put irregular stress on parts of the foot not meant to endure such pressure. Other causes include flat feet, high arches, or tight muscles and tendons in the calf and heel areas. Even if such irregularities do not lead to an injury, they can still result in foot pain.

Undue stress on the foot from being overweight, pregnant or wearing shoes that do not offer proper support can also lead to the painful condition, as can the natural process of aging. Whatever the cause, our Austin chiropractic clinic offers treatments that can help alleviate the pain and promote healing.

Have you ever injured your plantar fascia?

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