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Targeting the Weak Link

Precise Diagnosis and Adjustments for Back Pain and More

If you suffer from back pain or other acute or chronic pain symptoms, you may find that the Gonstead Technique is the right adjustment technique for you. To deal with pain issuing from specific points, such as neck pain, TMJ, knee pain, carpal tunnel or headaches, a chiropractor must locate the exact area of your spine where a subluxation (misalignment) has thrown you off balance. That area must then receive a precisely delivered amount of force to correct the misalignment without overcompensating. Here at Whitehead Chiropractic, Dr. Whitehead has attended over 300 hours of postgraduate training in the Gonstead Technique, which focuses on precision adjustments.

What is the Gonstead Technique?

The Gonstead Technique is all about precision -- precise diagnosis and precise application of specific amounts of force. We start with a full examination to determine any misalignments and calculate the degree of displacement. We also make use of a differential skin temperature meter which displays even tiny differences in body heat that might indicate impaired physical response in the affected area. Once we have found the precise source of your pain or other symptoms, we then use specific adjustment tables and manual techniques that allow us to apply a highly controlled amount of force -- just enough to correct the misalignment.

We Are Your Austin Pain Relief Solution

As remarkably effective as the Gonstead Technique is for correcting spinal misalignments with pinpoint accuracy, it does require additional postgraduate training. Dr. Whitehead is one of several Austin chiropractors who has attended the additional hours of training in Gonstead Technique. So if you are interested in taking advantage of the Gonstead technique, contact our office and schedule an initial consultation.

Are there any adjustment techniques or devices you have heard of before but do not quite understand? Post your questions below.


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