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Restore Balance

Recently on a bike trip in Italy we had descended down a 2000 foot elevation. Half way down the mountain I heard a disturbing noise coming from my front spoke so I pulled to the side to inspect my bike. Not seeing anything I continued my thrilling flight down the mountain. Once at the bottom, I got off and realized I was missing a spoke. Several of the other riders and me decided there were so many spokes that just pulling one out was no big deal. The bike leader came up and said I could not ride with a broken spoke because losing just one spoke leaves the tire weaker and more vulnerable to an accident. So the chivalrous Italian leader gave me his tire and I continued with my friends. As I rode I compared the spokes to the human body. We have many parts that when working properly allow our body to work at maximum performance. However, when one part breaks down, like my spoke, the whole system can suffer. Just as my bike wheel rolls along the road, if too many spokes were lost it would begin to lose the smooth roll. That’s exactly what happens when we get out of balance.

Imagine the pillars of the spoke include: spinal alignment, atlas alignment breathing, muscular support, flexibility, endurance, diet/chemistry, balance, posture and sleep.

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