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Proper Spinal Alignment

Proper spinal alignment allows innate intelligence to flow from your brain to every tissue and cell of your body. Vertebral subluxations chokes off the nerve flow and instead of building healthy tissues and cells the body begins to break down and deteriorate eventually causing pain and symptoms. Studies done by Windsor showed that areas of subluxations linked to areas of pathology in the body. I.e. Pressure on the nerve that goes to the heart revealed pathology in the heart. Pressure on the nerves in the low back can cause low back pain and leg pain. Studies show many non-spinal conditions improve when subluxations are corrected. In fact, part of the reason I became a chiropractor is because my menstrual cramps were relieved. For years I suffered and missed work. My chiropractor showed me how the nerves not only control the muscles they also control the organs. I thought it was a miracle when my pain when away. Now I expect miracles, because when the nervous system function is returned to every tissue and cell of the body. That incredible power that made your body heals your body.

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