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Nutrition is Instrumental in Eating Right

Rising food costs and busy schedules often mean that it is one's diet that suffers. Proper eating is, however, the foundation to good health; unless you provide your body with the nutrients it needs, it cannot function optimally. In a world of calories, cholesterol, hydrogenated fat, omega-3 fatty acids and many more terms, how can one possibly eat a well balanced and healthy diet? The following are some nutrition tips from our chiropractor in Austin, Dr. Whitehead.

Healthy Eating Tips from Our Chiropractor in Austin

Eat sensible portions. Portion control is one of the easiest ways to make sure that our bodies are not being bombarded with excess. 3 ounces of lean meat is the recommended portion size, and it is about the size of a deck of cards. According to the USDA, ½ cup of cooked rice, grain or pasta is one serving. You can even limit migraine and headache frequency by eating a diet that is as natural and free of additives as possible. Ask Dr. Whitehead at your next chiropractic session if you are unsure of portion sizes.

Limit how often you eat out. It can be difficult to avoid fast food and fast casual restaurants when you are hungry and short on time. The reality is, however, that the foods they serve are full of fat, calories and sodium. You can easily consume a full day's worth of nutrition in just one meal from one of these restaurants. If you must eat out, box up half your meal before you begin eating, or order from the children's menu to get smaller portioned meals.

Eat more fruit. Sadly, American's do not eat nearly enough fresh fruit. According to the USDA, Americans should be eating two cups of fruit a day. That is the equivalent of two small pieces of fruit each day; whole fruit, not juice, jam or fruit in a dessert. By eating more fruit you will be gaining fiber, essential vitamins and natural sugars that the body can process quickly and easily into fuel.

The key to ensuring you are eating a healthy diet is to incorporate small changes, rather than suddenly and radically changing your diet. Implement changes in your diet like eating more fruit, or reducing your serving size, that you can maintain, so that you can give your body all the nutrients it needs to function at peak performance.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet?

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