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A Chiropractor Explains Back Pain

Aching Back? Consult a Chiropractor

Has a fall, an auto accident or other injury left you with an aching back? Have you always had a problem back that goes out on you seemingly without provocation? Is standing up from your desk after a day's work a less than enjoyable experience? Austin back pain can have many causes, from acute injuries to a degenerative illness. But most of the time, whatever the contributing issues, at the root of your pain lies one common factor -- your spine is not lining up properly, and the soft tissues attached to it are malfunctioning (and protesting) as a result.

Imagine your back as scaffolding, supporting the weight of your entire body. If that structure shifts to one side, so does everything attached to it. Muscles and ligaments undergo unnatural strain, leading to tears, sprains, and chronic pain or stiffness. To make matters worse, the delicate vertebral discs between your vertebrae are no longer receiving equal pressure, and one or more of them may bulge or herniate. Pressure on the spinal nerves or nerve roots can cause a pinched nerve, creating pain, numbness, tingling or loss of strength in the muscles that those nerves communicate to. For example, a lower back injury such as a slipped disc can lead to shooting pains down the sciatic nerve in the leg, a condition known as sciatica. Any section of the spine can be prone to such problems.

Help is Available in Austin

Fortunately for Austin back pain sufferers, relief awaits here at Whitehead Chiropractic. We use advanced methods as the Gonstead Technique, which allows us to spot the exact point along your spinal column in need of correction. We can then apply highly precise chiropractic adjustments to those areas. The nerves will then function normally again, muscles and ligaments can heal, and pain and inflammation will recede. We also prescribe strengthening exercises to help your back remain on the straight and narrow.

Have you ever had sciatica or other chronic back pain? what treatment worked best for you?

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